Bishop Paul Presides and Preaches

It was a delight to welcome Bishop Paul this morning to preside and preach. Bishop Paul reflected on the fact that we have had two significant ‘goodbyes’ in recent times and encouraged us to work together as we begin our vacancy. Bishop Paul preached on all three of this mornings readings – Job 38.1-11, 2 Corinthians 6.1-13 and Mark 4.35-41.
He observed God’s message to Job that God is far bigger than humankind, bigger than our imaginings and our understanding so trying to make sense of what may or may not happen can be futile. We need to trust in God and have faith.
When we find ourselves in the storms of uncertainty and challenge that life throw at us we need to remember, as the disciples were reminded in Mark, that God is always with us. God is there with us in all the mess and muddle and he is guiding us to calmer waters.
And finally, this amazing all knowing all powerful God wants to work with us in this dysfunctional world. He is our co worker not our boss. We are encouraged to have our hearts open wide as we work with God. Bishop Paul suggested that we might want to draw on the text from the passage when putting together our person specification for the next incumbent. He noted that he hadn’t seen any of the more negative things that Paul listed on recent person specifications but reflected that all life experience shapes us.
It was good to have time after the service to share coffee and conversation with each other and Bishop Paul.

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