Follow the Star

We invite you to colour your star, however imaginatively you wish and place it in your window for passers-by to see, just as many displayed a rainbow to say thank you to our wonderful NHS earlier this year. Download your star {here}.

From the beginning of December there will be a large Christmas tree outside St Michael & All Angels church, the one on the Broadway. This will be a remembering Christmas tree. We invite you and your family to think of someone you have loved but who is with us no longer, someone you will want to remember this Christmas. Write their name on the star, and bring it and hang it on the tree at St Michael’s or you may wish to hang it on your own tree at home. Stars can be found by the church doors.

Church cannot offer the services and events we usually do for Christmas but you can join us in other ways which are detailed on our Facebook page.

May you be full of light and hope this Christmas.

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