June Signpost

We are once again very pleased (and shocked at how fast it has occurred) to share with you our June edition of the Signpost. This is our third edition published online since the lock down took place and we are eager to still keep in touch with as many people in our parish, therefore we are pleased to be able to continue to publish our monthly Signpost. As with the last two edition we are trying to distribute this months church magazine to as many people as we are able while following Government guidelines.
This means we have publish the Signpost online again on our website and distribute to as many people as possible. Please follow this link to read June’s Signpost
As is the new normal, feel free to share with friends, family or neighbours you think would enjoy reading the Signpost. If you know anyone without access to email or missing their copy would you please telephone or text your request to Malcolm Foster on 07860 250300 and we will try our best to get copies to them. If you would like to have an electronic copy sent to you automatically, email emme0707@gmail.com with your request.
Once again huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition and a special thank you to Malcolm (editor) and Steve for all the last minute efforts to get it published.

With my continued prayers and very good wishes.


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