What’s on

Our online pattern of Service for the coming weeks:

Sun 10 am   Holy Communion from St Michael’s (streamed live).
Sun 11 am   Young Church (Kepier Hall). 
Sun 6 pm     Evening Service (in Church).
Tue 7 pm     Evening Service (in Church).  
Thu 10 am   Holy Communion (in Church).

Sunday’s 10am service can be found on our facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/stmichaelshls/.

We do ask that anyone attending the service in Church should wear a face mask, unless you are exempt. 

Our Space4 Community Project continues their services ‘remotely’ through their Facebook page with lots going on throughout the week & at these set times:

Mon 10 – 1 pm                 Drop In (Space4)
Tue  10 – 12 noon             Community Food Store (Kepier Hall)
        10 – 1 pm                  Drop In (Space4)
Wed 10 – 1 pm                  Drop In (Space4)
         11 – 1 pm                 
Craft Group (Kepier Hall)
Thu   10 – 1 pm                  Drop In (Space4)
Fri    10 – 12 noon              Community Food Store (Kepier Hall)
        10 – 1 pm                    Drop In (Space4)
Sat   2-4 pm                        Drop In (Space4)

Email space4zoom@gmail.com for more information on how to join and get the links for Space4Yoga, Pottery and breadmaking!