Rector’s Letter

Dear Friends,

This will be my final Rector’s Letter as Rector of Houghton le Spring after 10 years.  I have been very honoured to be your Rector, but more importantly privileged to be your parish priest.

I am writing this as we approach the fest of the Holy and Undivided Trinity.  It would be far easier to worship One God in one way; to recognise that God, Although One is also three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is a challenge to us!

Many events have taken place here over the last ten years of sharing my life with you; new opportunities  to flourish, significant occasions have been marked, praises sun, sermons preached, Eucharists celebrated, sorrows and laughter shared.  However at our heart as a Christian family has been the worship of God and our growing closer in relationship with God, Creator, Redeemer and Life-Spirit.  It is a relationship of difference; that we bring different gifts and talents (and I thank each one of your for all your have generously shared with me), ideas and experience, fears and joys.

It is easy to become anxious when a parish priest leave; who takes responsibility?  What direction should you be travelling in?  Who will come next?  Remember especially in this time to be kind and gentle to each other, patient:  Mistakes happen!  So forgive each other.

Above all, remember that God is a Trinity, each person completely different and completely one – One in joy, love and life.

There will be many thank yous in the next couple of weeks; most of all, though, I want to thank you for allowing me to share in your journeys of faith over these years.

With every blessing as we all journey forward with God.

Rector Sue