Rector’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Back to normal ‘ my mother would declare…. And I would inwardly groan.
It was what she always said at the beginning of every September when the schools returned.
And for me that meant back to the insanity of getting the family and myself ready and out on time in the morning and back to the war zone (oops, I really meant classroom….. it hadn’t always been a war zone, but it seemed to increasingly become so ) I would reflect over the summer, the relaxed time we had all spent together, the simple holidays camping somewhere and getting up to all sorts. It soon became just like a dream as I was thrust back into ‘normal’

It’s September once again. For many families it will be a relief to get back to normal. Entertaining children on limited resources and with little support can become a nightmare and so I would like to express a huge thanks to Christine, Dawn and their team for running the summertime Kids Holiday club, giving a welcome break to stressed out mums every Wednesday and providing good food for hungry active youngsters.

August is supposed to be our quiet month yet we seemed busier than ever with the amazing summer concert which attracted nearly 200 people, a very entertaining ‘Strawberry Teas’ from the MU, Kids Summer Holiday Club, the replacement of our lighting system so now we are all ablaze, and special evening services, celebrating past Rectors and making a time for reflection for families who have been bereaved.

So I am now gearing up for ‘back to normal’, normal being that frenetic period of Harvest, Houghton Feast, All Souls, All Saints, Remembrance Sunday, and with a short time to catch breath we then launch into Christmas. Added to all of this Christine is about to experience a new ‘normal’ as she becomes a student once again, leading a double life as ordinand and Space4 manager. This is what church life is all about, it is certainly life in all its fullness, no time to mooch around wondering what to do. And it is what we hope will attract applications for our vacancy of Priest in Charge. (all new appointments in the diocese are now Priest in Charge) Our Parish Profile is almost completed and the post will then be advertised. Please pray for all who make our parish life such a vibrant place to be, for all who work in the mission of this church in Space4 and for Christine as she begins her ordination training course with Lindisfarne.

Rev’d Margaret