Rector’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Well, after 10 years this is my last email letter and I have no idea where those 10 years have gone!
But we have achieved some amazing things during that time: the Passion play; cutting a CD, a Royal visit, Ashes to Go; Space; brewed beer; roasted hogs; celebrated Jubilees, Next 900 fantastic events; inside Church we have seen dinners, plays, concerts, conferences and markets; Gilpin 500; trips to lindisfarne, Whitby, Durham and beyond; Tudor Fun Days; Open Table; ordinations, confirmations, first communions, weddings, baptisms; the Kepier Hall busier than ever with a new car park and the vital bar; the Houghton Feast celebrated with Christmas and Easter and in between times the Church has had new boilers, roof and lights. And more besides…..maybe I do know where those 10 years have gone!
We have lost some good friends, who we miss and mourn. We have gained some new friends in whom we rejoice.
So finally a huge thank you to each one of you, for allowing me to share in your journey as a church and community. It has been a great privilege to be the Rector of Houghton and to get to know and work with so many remarkable people. I will always carry Houghton in my heart and in my prayers.
Please support and pray for Margaret, Judith, the Churchwardens and PCC as Houghton enters a vacancy. And remember that it is only through love, team work , co-operation, patience, goodwill and kindness that the church family is at its best. Things will go wrong and will be forgotten, but that is family life, so it is with church! may you be guided by the Holy Spirit, live in the love and peace of Christ and know the strong presence of the Father to bring hope, healing and strength.
With every good wish and every blessing.
Rector Sue