From this week’s news-sheet

Dear Friends,

There are lots of ways that we are continuing to be a community of faith – to be God’s church – during this time of lockdown.  We have a number of ways to take part in services of worship together – we use facebook and also zoom and these can be accessed using a normal telephone.

We have social events planned – this Saturday at 7 pm we have our ‘Unwanted Christmas Present Auction’ and have a ‘Beetle Drive’ in February  We’re running some great on-line groups during the week including our craft group, bread making session, yoga classes, and our book group and Bible study will be starting up again shortly.

I want to encourage us all to participate in worship and the events taking place throughout the week in as full a way as we can.  I also want to ask us to encourage others to be involved. 

Even when we are physically seperated – we are still bound together in community through God’s Spirit of power.  Thanks be to God!

Yours in Christ

Rector John

Our prayer for the week:

Eternal Lord,
our beginning and our end:
bring us with the whole creation
to your glory, hidden through past ages
and made known
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The week ahead

Sat 16th 7 pm  ‘Unwanted Gifts Auction’ on Zoom & Dial-in.
Sun 17th January – Epiphany 2
 10 am Holy Communion on Facebook.
 11 am Service of the Word (with ‘Young Church’) on Zoom & Dial-in  
 9 pm Reflection on Facebook.
Tue 19th 7:00 pm  ‘Tuesday at 7‘ on Facebook.
Wed 20th 7.30 pm Bible study on Zoom & Dial-in
Thur 21st 10 am ‘Worship Together‘ on Zoom & Dial-in

Staying in touch, church office & telephone contact
Our website and facebook page contain details of how to join others online for prayer, worship, study, and community life.  We will send regular updates via our church distribution list – please ask people to email us if they’d like to receive this and other email contact.
Find us online at:

You can contact us through our ‘remote’ church office on 07707043395 between 10am & 2pm on a Tuesday & Thursday or you can email us at  Please let us know if you would like us to be in touch with you by telephone.  If you want to contact me at the Rectory then my number is 0191 584 7657 if I’m not able to take your call leave me a message and I will get back to you.