From this week’s news-sheet

Our prayer for this week in the church calendar:

God of love,
passionate and strong,
tender and careful:
watch over us and hold us
all the days of our life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I send this to offer encouragement and reassurance of prayer at this time for our church family & wider community and to let you know about what is happening in church in this coming week.

While we are not able to hold public worship that we can physically attend I want you to know that we will be offering continued prayer and worship in St Michael’s on behalf of our community, nation and the wider world.  We are very much seeking to continue to be church in this place in new and creative ways.

Worship and services for the coming week: 
I will be holding services at set times during the week in St Michael’s church.  We have attached a Service of the Word and want to encourage us all to follow the service knowing that others are doing the same at the same time but in different locations.  I will be live streaming these services at our facebook page:  I know that some people in our community don’t have on-line access and we will find other ways of sharing the service format and readings so people can follow the service at the same time.

This will be our pattern for the coming week:
Sun 10am Service for Mothering Sunday.  Bible reading – John ch19, vs 25-27
Tues 7pm Service with reflection
Thu 10am Service with reflection.  Bible reading – Luke ch1 vs 26-38
Thu 2pm Afternoon Prayer particularly focussed on prayers received on-line.  This will be available on our second Space4 facebook page,
Follow this link to attachment to Service of the Word
To print this, once the page is open press the printer icon at the top right hand of the page which appears once you move your mouse across the screen.  

National Day of Prayer On Sun 22 March at 7pm, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are asking that to show we share in ‘Christ the light of the World’ as we, safely, place a candle in a window in our homes, as part of a National Day of Prayer. At the same time, Bishop Paul will say prayers in the Shrine of St Cuthbert. This will be live streamed on 

A Pattern for our days: 
I want to encourage us to have prayer at the centre of lives.  Perhaps you will join me (in spirit if not physically) in saying prayer at 9am, 12 noon and 9pm each day knowing that others in our community are praying at the same time.  We will shortly make a simple form of prayer available for morning and night prayer. 

I want to encourage us all to continue with the invitation that I made at the beginning of Lent to pause in our day to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon each day: I will be doing this in church (and ringing the bell) knowing others are doing the same wherever they are physically situated.

Office working  From this coming week we will be operating a ‘remote’ office during our usual office hours 9-2 Tuesday and Thursday  (accessible by telephone or email but not physically based in church!)  Our aim is to continue to keep the office number (0191 5121769) but in case we can’t set this up in time, in the short term, please also try us on 0770 7043395.  Our office email is

Pastoral care  We aim to continue to provide pastoral care over this time, much of this may be by telephone in the first instance – please email us, call us in the office (email and number above) if you would like us to keep in touch with you or if you feel anyone would benefit from a call.  At any point, please don’t hesitate to contact me at home on 0191 584 7657 and leave me a message if I’m not in at the Rectory.

Prayers and best wishes,